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How to choose the best meditation cushion ?

Published on 11/01/2018

Creations Mariposa’s  meditation cushions are filled with organic buckwheat hulls from Quebec and the fabric is made of natural fibers.  Called Zafu by the japanese, this firm pillow placed on the ground, allows to position the hips properly and thus maintain your back straight.


How to choose the best meditation cushion ?

I am a very flexible person and I like to meditate with my heels close to my body.  I want to bring my cushion with me in my meditation / yoga class, at a retreat or in nature ► Crescent

I am a flexible person and I want to meditate in lotus position ► Traditional Zafu

I want a meditation cushion that is versatile and washable, I want to be able to meditate sitting and kneeling.  I am a beginner ► Pouf Zafu

Details on each cushion


The smallest most portable and lightweight of all, this comfy meditation cushion in the shape of a moon crescent helps you reach a good position and concentration while keeping your heels near your body. 

This model is ideal to bring with you everywhere. More so, its cover is washable. In brief, it is a very versatile item to add to your existing gear.

Tip : Use it instead of the yoga block in some restorative positions for more comfort.

Traditional Zafu

This model is of medium size and it is the most popular one.  Used in many Buddhist meditation centers, it offers an interesting angle with its folded sides.  The buckwheat hulls are placed directly inside the cover.

Pouf Zafu

This model is recommended for Yoga Studios and shared spaces because it is easily washable, thanks to its cover.  It is the highest and largest cushion, which makes it perfect for beginners or people less flexible.
Tip: Explore the different meditation positions this cushion offers, use it in lotus pose or kneeling.  Place the cushion on its side, then sit astride, your legs on each side of the cushion. To be used in combination with 
zabuton for more comfort of the knees and legs.

Note : All of our meditation cushions offer the possibility to adjust the height and firmness of the cushion.  You can simply remove some buckwheat hulls through the opening and voila !


Happy meditation ! ♥