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Lithotherapy, stone properties

Published on 15/01/2018

Here are some stones and their properties in lithotherapy *

(in alphabethical order)

Agate: Generally beneficent and soothing effects on the environment.

Agate "Dragons Vein" : Energy, strength, truth.
Chakra : Heart, Root

Amazonite : Soothing, gentleness, serenity
Chakra : Heart, throat

Amethyst : Transformation, strength, consience.
Chakra : 3rd eye, crown

Aqua Terra Jasper (also know as variscite) : Known for calming the mind, it is a soothing stone.

Green aventurine : Abundance, prosperity
Chakra : Heart

Fluorite : Compassion, Spirituality, Intuition.
Depending on the color, fluorite has different properties. Green is more likely to help connect yourself with your heart, feel compassion. Purple helps you connect with the spiritual, your dreams, your intuition and your higher self.
Chakra : Crown, 3rd eye, throat, heart, plexus

Garnet "Almandine" : Strength, Perseverence, Courage.
Very useful to people that are calm and composed, but not suitable for hypertension, angry, jealous and ambitious.
Chakra : Solar Plexus and Root

Goldstone : Energizing, Deflecting unwanted energies, focus to attain a goal.  
(Goldstone is manmade glass containing flecks of copper, giving this amazing sparkle ! It is said  it was originally invented by french monks)

Hematite : Yang stone, power, self-confidence.
Chakra : Plexus, Base

Jadeite : Balance, judgment, consciousness
Chakra of the heart: calms nervousness

Jasper: Lithotherapy unknown.  Jasper was considered a sacred stone of protection for shamans of the Native American Indians.

Ocean Jasper : Introspection, flexibility and diplomacy.

Moonstone : Moonstone is a stone known in lithotherapy to stimulate imagination, sensibility and an open mind. Associated with the feminine side and the innocence of childhood.

Obsidian snowflake : Grounding, protection.

Chakra : Root (Base)

Labradorite : Protection, Meditation, Conscience.
It is often called the therapist stone because it protects by filtering the bad energies in/out. Good for meditation, lucid dreams and spiritual conscience.
Chakra : Heart, 3rd eye, crown

Snowflake Obsidian : Grounding, Protection.
Chakra : Base

Sun stone : Self expression, Optimism, Vitality.
Amongst other lithotherapy properties, this stone is said to facilitate self-expression, good mood, optimism and vitality. In this sense, it transmits charisma and helps make new acquintances. It is an expensive stone, hence the price here is a little higher.
Chakra : Sacred

Lava Stone : Grounding, Strength, Productivity
Chakra : Base

Smokey Quartz : Challenges, Self-confidence, Grounding
Chakra : Base

Pyrite : Focus, Grounding, Strength
Chakra : Root, Plexus

Rose quartz : Soothing
Pink quartz has a soft pink translucid color. It is a stone know in lithotherapy to help soothing, calming and reach inner peace.
Associated with heart chakra it is known to help heal emotional wounds.
Chakra : Heart

Sodalite : Soothing stone, protection and intuition.
Chakra : 3rd eye, throat

Tiger eye : Protection, Flexibility, Autonomy
Chakra : Root, Plexus

African Turquoise : Creativity, communication
Chakra : Throat

Unakite stone : Love, Compassion, Balance.
Amongst other lithotherapy properties, this stone is said to help define your intentions towards love, compassion and kindness. It helps bring balance.
Chakra : Heart, plexus and sacred.

*The meanings of the above-mentioned crystals are not prescriptions or health information.