Meaning of the chakras

Published on 03/07/2018

If you tried a guided meditation where you were told about your chakras, you will surely appreciate what we prepared for you below.  It will give you a glimpse of what each chakra means and the color that corresponds to it.

Chakra correspondences :

ChakraLocationColorDimension of the beingAction
CrownTop-center of the skullVioletSpiritualityI understand
Third EyeCenter of the eyebrowsIndigo BlueAwarenessI see
ThroatHollow of the throatTurquoiseCommunicationI speak
HeartCenter of the chestGreenLove HealingI love
Plexus3 fingers over belly buttonYellowWisdom PowerI do
Sacred2 fingers under belly buttonOrangeSexuality CreativityI feel
Root (also called Base)perineumRedBasic TrustI am

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Gemstones and essential oils and interesting tools to work on your chakras.