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Organic buckwheat hulls : Why we love them so much

Published on 25/01/2018

Sometimes called husk, shell or hulls, it is only the envelope of the buckwheat grain that is used in the filling of our meditation cushions and yoga bolsters. We often get questions about this material we love, so we thought this blog article would be interesting !

Its qualities :

  • It adjusts to the shape of the body and offers firm support that is perfect to achieve a stable position in yoga and meditation.
  • It does not accumulate moisture or body heat and stays cool and dry.
  • It is very durable (more than 10 years)
  • It is the most ecological because it is natural, renewable and compostable (in addition ours are local!)
  • Ours are not chemically treated, but cleaned with forced air and dusted before arriving at our workshop.
  • Insects do not like it.
  • Unlike other fillings, buckwheat shell is hypoallergenic.


  • Even if they have the quality of not keeping moisture, it is important to never put the hulls in the water. You can air them in a dry container to refresh them.
  • With use, it is normal for the volume of buckwheat hulls to decrease by 5-10%, in most cases this will make your cushion more comfortable. If necessary, simply add hulls to restore the initial volume.