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Spring Ritual for Meditation

Published on 16/03/2018

Creations Mariposa and Miss Marmite have imagined a ritual for you to meditate with plants this spring.  

  1. Make yourself a teapot of Meditation Herbal Tea. Start by serving yourself a cup thanking you for taking a time just for you, to connect with your essence and start the beautiful spring season. Remember that everything is reborn.  Enjoy this moment.
  2. Light your Purification Smudge or natural incense (Do not forget a plate or shell to avoid damage.) Circulate in your sacred space to gently clean the energy. The ancients used fumigation to remove the accumulation of negative energy.
  3. Open a big window (or two) 1 good minute to get some smoke out and oxygenate the air in the room. We already feel better, are we not ?
  4. Create a circle of protection that will promote your internalization:
    • Disposes the Goddess Bath Salt (and / or leaves, dried or fresh plants)
    • Put your meditation cushion or bench in the center of the circle you created.
    • Take your place facing East to connect with rebirth and renewal.
    • Place your cup of herbal tea in front of you and if you feel it, a notebook and pencil to write. (You can get wonderful ideas during a meditation, ideas that come from the heart.)
  5. Just before starting your session, spray a small cloud of Meditation Mist above you, patchouli oil root, geranium and cardamom we open the heart and the incense of oliban connects us to the cosmos by the chakra of the crown.

  6. Thaw the lights and light a candle in front of you if you feel it.

  7. Put a blanket on your legs or shoulders to keep you warm.

  8. Eyes open or closed, pay attention to your breathing and see what is there for you right now.
  9. Observe your thoughts by letting them pass, letting them be, without judgment.

  10. You have created a safe space to be yourself, let go of what was and welcome what happens, a renewal for the season of all possible.

  11. Arriving at the end of your session, pick up the Goddess Salt and slip into a warm bath to conclude this beautiful ritual.

Let the magic work, happy spring !

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