The Art of Being Human

Published on 21/10/2020

Our Ambassador Claudia Boily's first article!

When Marjolaine from Créations Mariposa asked me if I wanted to write blogs for her website, I spontaneously said "YES", without actually taking the time to think about what it involved.

I have found myself staring at this blank page for a few days, or even weeks, procrastinating as never before. "Oh, yeah, I’m gonna go get a cup of coffee before I start writing. I’m gonna do some yoga, answer my emails, go for a walk with my dog, gonna just look if there's anything really interesting on Fail book to get some inspiration".

The human brain is fascinating and above all very creative when it comes to diverting our attention away from accomplishing a task!

Now my goal here isn't to talk about my procrastination ability, but rather to tell you about some of the brain's automatisms and some other basic functions. In case it would also help you to live your daily life without going nuts, 'cause we've been bombarded with all these thoughts, and them, well, they really don't take a break.

There's an instruction manual for just about everything on Earth. But for THE most sophisticated and complex thing – the Human Being – well, there are no instructions available. You are greeted at birth with a good slap on the buttocks and a nice "Good luck with your life". No one to blame, by the way, everyone is doing what they can, with the tools at hand.

Then life hits you with its tons of bricks of experiences that take us right into the very breaches of our wounds. And if we don't know the game rules, we get to take the victim’s role in this big game of Life. Well, that can hurt a whole lot.

I don’t pretend having inherent knowledge or holding the absolute truth, I am simply sharing my awareness based on my life experiences. The most important thing is to do your own research and experiments so that you can draw your own conclusions before criticizing, objecting or judging any concepts discussed. The brain all too often seeks to dismantle the truth of others, as if the only truth were our own.

This, by the way, is your Ego doing it!

It's not done consciously, but becoming aware of your thinking patterns is the first step to getting closer to the best version of yourself and gaining mental freedom.

Let's be curious, let's listen to others actively, always positioning ourselves in the role of a student and not of a Supreme Court judge. Learning as many experiential opportunities as possible, broadening our horizons, our outlook on life and dissolving what limits us from reaching our full potential.

Introducing myself: Claudia Boily, passionate about life, surfing, travel, music, dance, science, Nature, human being and everything related to its evolution through space-time.

I am leaving you with these 2 musts, which I think are essential to switch to being the movie director of your own life and get to really, but really, create your dream life (ok, it sounds cliché but it's the same thing!) and to make your life a celebration of synchronicity and magic.

Learning to Breathe

Getting to Know yourself

Let’s talk about it next time! Moly Boily is waiting for me to go for a walk.