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Why not practicing yoga from home this summer?

Published on 13/06/2019

Between vacation planning, barbecue parties, the kids’ softball games or simply relaxing on a terrace, it can be difficult to go to the yoga studio on a regular basis, as the warm weather arrives. However, we all know how beneficial yoga can be!

So instead of completely stopping your yoga practice this summer, why not practicing from home? Here are some helpful hints in order to make the transition easier.

Pick a location

Who needs a whole room for yoga practice? As a matter of fact, all you need is a space large enough to roll out your yoga mat! Preferably, pick a quiet area of the house where you can enjoy some personal time. If possible, keep the yoga mat unrolled in a place where you frequently pass by. This way, you will be motivated to practice yoga more often, even if you only have a few minutes. And aside from hot summer days, you can even practice yoga in your backyard.

Get inspired

There are numerous books and DVDs on yoga. Furthermore, you will find on the web an incredible amount of yoga classes that cover just about every themes and needs. When you practice from home or at a yoga studio, what matters most is that you keep a safe practice and choose appropriate posture variations according to your practice level and physical fitness. When in doubt, do not hesitate to consult your healthcare professional. Also, a yoga teacher could help you develop a custom-made yoga sequence, during a private session.

Combine your practice with the right accessories

Once again, keep it simple! As you develop your own practice, you will be able to see what kind of accessories you need. For example, you may require a block or a cushion (zafu/zabuton) for seating postures or while you meditate. Should you enjoy restorative yoga, you might want to get a bolster and an eye pillow. Also, think about adding some candles, a houseplant, inspirational cards, or a scent diffuser to add a little yoga touch to the room.

Home yoga practice can add practicality to your daily routine this summer. Also, it will allow you to evolve from a personal perspective and explore more freely. Furthermore, it will constitute a good asset to develop since the daily routine can be hectic at various times throughout the year!

Namaste and have a great summer!