Cork yoga block (3x6x9”)

Sku: 74506
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Cork yoga block (3x6x9”)

Sku: 74506
In stock
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Length - 15cm
Height - 10cm
Width - 22cm
Weight - 1.04kg

Cork blocks: These are heavier blocks which means you can still lug them with you. The cork option is very solid and the block will be easy to grab or hold, which prevents falls. 

The blocks are the yogis' best friend, always there to support them or help them to surpass themselves. This accessory of choice has several uses; correct body alignment and posture, helps to become more flexible and achieve greater variation in a given posture, and provides a much appreciated boost for those who are injured or pregnant. If you do restorative yoga, the blocks are often integrated into the different sequences offered.


Length: 23 cm (9 ")

Width: 15 cm (6 ")

Thickness: 10 cm (4 ")

Washing instructions:

The easiest way to clean the block is to add two drops of dishwashing liquid to four cups of water wipe the yoga block with a damp cloth and after wipe it with a dry cloth. Be sure to wipe it clean before next use. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent premature aging of the cork.