COVER Yoga Bolster - Organic cotton - Red Cabbage

Sku: 73513
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COVER Yoga Bolster - Organic cotton - Red Cabbage

Sku: 73513
In stock
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Attention ! This is no ordinary yoga bolster !  
It is filled with natural, local and organic buckwheat hulls and once you try it, you will understand the difference.
(Most bolsters on the market are filled with cotton batting or polyurethane foam)

The comfort, versatility and unparalleled stability of buckwheat hulls will bring you the desired support in many positions.
We are convinced it will quickly become your favorite tool for yoga ... and meditation !  (see Tip 3 below).

Slip cover is made from organic cotton and red cubbage stain!

100% made in Quebec.

Specifications :
  • Height : 60 cm (24")
  • Diameter : 20 cm (8")
  • Weight : 4.7 Kg (10.3 Lbs)
  • Cover : 100% cotton 
  • Liner : 100% cotton
  • Handle
  • Organic buckwheat hulls
Care instructions :
  • Unzip the cover and remove the lining
  • Machine wash the cover in cold water using delicate cycle
  • Hang to dry
  • Attention : Do NOT wash the lining containing the hulls

Cover: outer casing made of coloured fabric

Lining: off-white inner pouch that contains buckwheat hulls

Tip 1 : To adjust the height and firmness of the cushion, remove some buckwheat hulls through the opening of the lining.

Tip 2 : This bolster can also be used during pregnancy as a body pillow and then as a nursing pillow when baby has arrived ♥

TIP 3 : Use it for meditation, sit on one of the ends for lotus pose or astride for kneeling position.