Intention Mala Bracelet - Pink Lepidolite

Sku: 74108
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Intention Mala Bracelet - Pink Lepidolite

Sku: 74108
In stock
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Length - 16cm
Height - 2cm
Width - 23cm
Weight - 0.1kg

Intention Mala Bracelet with semi-precious stones handmade with Love and Conscience in Quebec ♥

  • Length: 16 cm (6.5")
  • Gemstones: 4mm
  • Hypoallergenic metal
  • Resistant elastic thread

 Pink Lepidolite :
  • Symbol of peace, spirituality and protection;
  • It is used to attract good luck to the wearer;
  • Lithotherapy uses it to help manage emotions in everyday life, by facilitating mental and emotional balance;
  • Lepidolite is a cardinal stone that tells us "stop and take the time to appreciate the present moment";
  • It is a stone of serenity, but also a stone of spiritual purification that can dispel negative thoughts and eliminate negative emotions, such as resentment;
  • Lepidolite offers support to those who have depressive tendencies or who experience excessive worry;
  • Throat, Heart and Solar Plexus; 

*The meanings of above-mentioned crystals shall not be considered a prescription or health information.