OMWATER – Gratitude Bottle (1,23 liter)

Sku: OMW100
In stock

OMWATER – Gratitude Bottle (1,23 liter)

Sku: OMW100
In stock
$CAD 35.00
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Length - 9.5cm
Height - 32.5cm
Width - 9.5cm
Weight - 0.8kg

Omwater Design S.L. is an industrial design study of the Aragonese Pyrenees supported by three basic pillars: Ecology + Spirituality + Design

OmWater Gratitude A bottle made with love to transmit good vibrations to the water.

The Golden Ratio (the structure we find in Nature), the OM symbol (Creation´s sound), the Blue color to solarize the water, the Seed of Life pulsating from the bottom and Gratitude, all are unified in this bottle to positively raise the vibration of water and of those who use it.

Natural Ecological Cork treated.

Water also needs to breathe, so we provide a cork to protect and respecting it. The cork stopper has received an aseptic treatment ensuring its complete cleaning, bringing no odors or flavors to the water.

100% recycled glass, 0% heavy metals.

This bottle aims to contribute to the use of tap water and to avoid the massive use of plastic containers. It is manufactured in Spain with 100% recycled glass, free of heavy metals, therefore completely recyclable.

Packing, 100% organic cotton.

The OmWater Gratitud bottle is distributed inside a natural cotton bag, manufactured in Spain.

Why OmWater?

Water has memory and is being codified as it circulates freely around the planet. The OmWater Gratitude bottle is intended to revitalize the water that passes through our body, incorporating positive frequencies into its life cycle, thus blessing the planet with our gratitude.

The bottle OmWater Gratitude invites us to be more aware of the thoughts with which we charge the water, inviting us to participate actively in the regeneration of the earth with our best thoughts.

OmWater Gratitude adds to the power of your intentions the powerful vibration of the symbols engraved on its surface, as well as being designed using proportions based on sacred geometry.

All OmWater Gratitude bottles are made entirely in our country with 100% recycled glass following traditional methods that do not pollute the environment. In addition, by purchasing the bottle you are helping to finance the OmWater project, which includes proposals for sustainable architecture and reforestation.

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