PU-EVA Yoga Mat & Yoga Blocks TRIO

Sku: 74501
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PU-EVA Yoga Mat & Yoga Blocks TRIO

Sku: 74501
In stock
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Length - 20cm
Height - 20cm
Width - 60cm
Weight - 3.54kg

*Attention! This trio doesn't qualify for the Gratitude discount!

This trio is made of 2 EVA Yoga blocks and 1 PU Yoga mat:

EVA Blocks: 

The cheapest option on the market, the foam blocks are also the most colorful and soft which are made for the restorer of yoga. They are also ultra light and therefore easy to carry.

The blocks are the yogis' best friend, always there to support them or help them to surpass themselves. This accessory of choice has several uses; correct body alignment and improve posture, help become more flexible and achieve a certain variation and posture, and provide a welcome boost to injured or pregnant women. If you do restorative yoga, the blocks are easily integrated into different sequences offered.


Length: 23 cm (9”)

Width: 15 cm (6 ")

Thickness: 10 cm (4”)

Washing instructions:

There are two methods to clean EVA yoga blocks:

1: Add a mild detergent in a bucket of clean water and then wet your towel. Wipe the yoga block removing the dirt. Rinse the block with clean water.

2: You can also rinse the EVA block with clear water only.

In addition, the EVA Yoga block can be sun dried. Under normal circumstances, should not last more than 10 to 20 minutes. Also avoid drying when the sun is at its zenith. Sun drying is faster but more damaging than in the shade. Sun drying can also damage the color of your block, so for best results dry in the shade.

PU Yoga Mat:

Natural rubber yoga mats have an excellent grip on the floor and the corners won’t stick up!

They absorb shocks, thus protecting the joints. These mats are solid and will endure for many years to come.

Regarding disadvantages: these mats are more expensive than PVC yoga mats , TPE (the raw material is much more expensive to produce and usually weigh more heavy. 


Length: 183 cm (72 ")
Width: 67,9 cm (243/4 ")

Washing instructions:

Wipe your yoga mat with a soft damp cloth and hang it in a ventilated place to dry. Avoid contact with corrosive or sharp materials to avoid damaging the mat and be sure to ventilate the area.

Then find a well ventilate area and let it dry in the shade (not in the sun since the sun will make it crack easily)