Zabuton - Ritual (back in denim) - Liquidation 2 in stock

Sku: 73606
In stock

Zabuton - Ritual (back in denim) - Liquidation 2 in stock

Sku: 73606
In stock
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Reversible : under side is made of 100% cotton denim (see pictures)

This meditation mat stands out with its round shape, it allows you to place the buckwheat hulls where your body needs support.  

Zabuton is a japanese word meaning floor cushion to sit.  Usually placed under the zafu or bench for sitting comfort of ankles and knees during meditation, you can also use it to support many yoga and meditation positions.

100% made in Quebec.

Specs :
  • Height : 5 cm (2")
  • Diameter : 72.5 cm (29")
  • Cover : 100% cotton
  • Liner : 100% cotton
  • Organic buckwheat hulls
Care instructions :
  • Unzip the cover and remove the lining
  • Machine wash the cover in cold water using delicate cycle
  • Hang to dry
  • Attention : Do NOT wash the lining containing the hulls

Cover: outer casing made of coloured fabric

Lining: off-white inner pouch that contains buckwheat hulls

Tip 1: To adjust the height and firmness of the cushion, remove some buckwheat hulls through the zipper opening of the lining. You can play with the buckwheat hulls to place them where you want them to support your bodyour sitting or kneeling.

Tip 2: Fold it in half to form a big crescent meditation cushion.

Tip 3: Fold it in three to form a small bolster.

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